Nick Foles isn't showing up for the Rams practice

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Nick Foles isn't showing up for the Rams practice

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Nick Foles isn't showing up for Mut 23 coins the Rams practice sessions during the offseason. This shouldn't come as a shock to anyone. this, given the Rams were promoting Case Keenum as their starter at the beginning of February, before selling off a number of draft picks in order to select Jared Goff. There's a second issue that comes back to how Coach Jeff Fisher talks about his quarterbacks in the media and his never-ending quest to not end up ruining a player of the franchise.

The Rams provided Foles an estimated $24 million extension before he had played in a game for them. A few months after, Fisher benched him as part of his quest to break his recurring 7-7 cycle. Through this, he said that Foles "eventually be in the middle for us once more." He was also talking about Keenum as their new starter in February.

It's likely that some team will trade for Foles as the Rams were reported to have approached him during the draft, but it's going to be hard for any team this deal, which the Rams gave him, with an $8.7 million cap impact this year , and the $13.2 million cap hit in 2017. Why would you trade him when you could simply hold off until the Rams to decide to cut him?

Evidently, a coach isn't able to critique his quarterbacks in the media because they don't know when they'll be forced to be able to rely on him again. Yet it's irresponsible to make a statement about a person to the world, only to pull the rug off under him. A coach who is rated as overrated like Fisher makes for a quick toe, but he's certainly not the only one who has been guilty of this.

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